4 Great Team Building Activities around Washington, D.C.!

[fa icon="calendar"] July 29, 2016 / by Patricia Yaxuan Wang

Team_Building.jpgFun and motivational team building activities bring people together and help coworkers see each other in a different light. Through communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution, team-bonding activities improve office relations, motivate employees and promote their creativity. Here are 4 great team building activities you can find around Washington D.C.!


Escape Room 



Locked in a room with your team for 45 minutes to get out! Can you do it?

Escape Room Live DC has 2 locations right now.  On Alexandria location, there are 4 rooms available to choose for 6-12 players: The Wizard’s Apothecary (difficulty level: 5/10), Sherlock Homes (difficulty level: 7/10), Peo-Ranormal Activity (difficulty level: 7/10), and Moriarty’s Madness (difficulty level: 6/10).


At the D.C. location, there are three rooms to choose: Back to the 80’s (difficulty level: 8/10) for 8-12 players, I Was Framed (difficulty level: 6/10) for 6-8 players, and Double Crossed (difficulty level: 6/10) for 5-7 players. Bring your team and have great memories here!



 A scavenger hunt in D.C.! Exploring the city and bonding with your team.



Under a customized (group size, budgets, etc) adventure, cityHUNT provides clues in well-known landmarks, parks and neighborhoods, and then send clues to you and your coworkers in cryptic ways. Members in your group will build deeper communication and relationships while finding clues and solving problems together.


Sportrock Climbing Centers



Tired of sitting in offices? Try rock climbing with your team!

Good exercise and team building activities indoors. You don’t have to be an expert rock climber to try rock climbing. Sportrock offers a Basic Skills class. The class will teach you the essential skills needed to climb at a Sportrock facility. You’ll learn to properly put on a harness, tie into the rope and belay (secure the rope) for a partner.


Pev's Paintball


A customized (age, fitness level, etc.) paintball experience is the excellent team building activity! Your team will work together to make strategies and plan, and then make a move.  Paintball is also an aerobic exercise that builds up your strength and relieves stress.


Bring your team and try this exciting team building experience outdoors!


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