Weaning Off Caffeine

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No more Caffeine Fiend
Caffeine isn’t only in the two to three cups of coffee that we drink in the morning to get us going. It’s in the things that we eat throughout the day. If the habit of having caffeine is becoming a bit too hard to break or starting to have a negative impact on your health, there are two methods that you can try. You can either go cold turkey or you can wean yourself from drinking caffeine. Understand that there are pros and cons to both methods of decreasing and eventually eliminating your caffeine intake.
Cold Turkey Method – Although caffeine is sold in everyday items, a caffeine addiction is just like any other addictions and ceasing intake altogether may have the same impact on your body just like illegal drugs can. According to the Caffeine Informer, the Cold Turkey method is the fastest way to detox the body of caffeine but it can also lead to withdrawal symptoms such as: headache, drowsiness, irritability, insomnia, and anxiety, to name a few. Stopping caffeine abruptly can also lead to a person’s decrease in productivity because their body is used to having caffeine to help stay focused.  
Weaning Method – This method allows you to take your time and gives your body to follow along with the transition that it is becoming subjected to. The Caffeine Informer suggests gradually reducing caffeine intake by 50mg less every couple of days. Your body will thank you for the pros to this method. It is less shocking to your body and the withdrawal symptoms are less severe. It can take a little longer to detox your body from the caffeine because you are still consuming the product on a daily basis.
When it comes to your health, it is always most important to consult with your primary care physician to understand what method may be best for you. Your primary care provider may also provide you will tips and tricks to weaning off of caffeine in a way that works just for you. 
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Eating Healthy to Avoid Winter Weight

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Don’t be fooled by the sun shining and the warmer temperatures, according to the Punxsutawney Phil we have six more weeks of winter! When you stay inside, it forces you to become less active and eat foods to “warm” you up. Without the right and healthy food choices you may pack on a few extra unwanted pounds. If you’re at our NOMA location, take a ride on the elevator to the café for a nutritional and inexpensive meal. If you like to bring your meals to work with you, try considering the following options:

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4 Great Team Building Activities around Washington, D.C.!

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Fun and motivational team building activities bring people together and help coworkers see each other in a different light. Through communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution, team-bonding activities improve office relations, motivate employees and promote their creativity. Here are 4 great team building activities you can find around Washington D.C.!


Escape Room 


Locked in a room with your team for 45 minutes to get out! Can you do it?

Escape Room Live DC has 2 locations right now.  On Alexandria location, there are 4 rooms available to choose for 6-12 players: The Wizard’s Apothecary (difficulty level: 5/10), Sherlock Homes (difficulty level: 7/10), Peo-Ranormal Activity (difficulty level: 7/10), and Moriarty’s Madness (difficulty level: 6/10).


At the D.C. location, there are three rooms to choose: Back to the 80’s (difficulty level: 8/10) for 8-12 players, I Was Framed (difficulty level: 6/10) for 6-8 players, and Double Crossed (difficulty level: 6/10) for 5-7 players. Bring your team and have great memories here!



 A scavenger hunt in D.C.! Exploring the city and bonding with your team.


Under a customized (group size, budgets, etc) adventure, cityHUNT provides clues in well-known landmarks, parks and neighborhoods, and then send clues to you and your coworkers in cryptic ways. Members in your group will build deeper communication and relationships while finding clues and solving problems together.


Sportrock Climbing Centers


Tired of sitting in offices? Try rock climbing with your team!

Good exercise and team building activities indoors. You don’t have to be an expert rock climber to try rock climbing. Sportrock offers a Basic Skills class. The class will teach you the essential skills needed to climb at a Sportrock facility. You’ll learn to properly put on a harness, tie into the rope and belay (secure the rope) for a partner.


Pev's Paintball


A customized (age, fitness level, etc.) paintball experience is the excellent team building activity! Your team will work together to make strategies and plan, and then make a move.  Paintball is also an aerobic exercise that builds up your strength and relieves stress.


Bring your team and try this exciting team building experience outdoors!


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4th of July Bash!!

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Celebrating the fourth of July at our Union Station office with hot dogs, drinks, and games!!

Wishing all our DC Workspaces clients a happy and safe 4th of July!



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Meet Patricia!

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Patricia Yaxuan Wang

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8 Places to Grab Lunch in Georgetown

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Georgetown offers a variety of delicious restaurants and cafes. Here are a few recommendations located close to our Georgetown location. 

Quick and Casual 

  •     Café Tu-o-tu is a local greek inspired cafe with a variety of healthy sandwiches and salads. You can dine in or carry out. They also deliever if you need catering for your next meeting!
  • Le Pan Quotidien is a french cafe offering comforting soups, salads, sandwiches, and delicious pastries. 
  •   TJ’ Deli is a hidden gem for quick gourmet sandwiches when you need something on the run. There are salad bar and hot bar options as well. 


Out to Lunch with Colleagues and Clients

  •  Sequoia and Tony & Joe's are both delicious seafood waterfront favorites and offer plenty of outdoor seating! 
  •  Maxime Steak Frites & Bar is steps away from the office. It is a French brasserie offering a steak-frites prix fixe, seafood options, quiches, and other classic favorites.  
  •  Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons Hotel is right next door and is the place to dine when you need to celebrate winning a big contract or have lunch with clients. 


  • Baked & Wired has the best local cupcakes, pies, cookies and coffee for an afternoon pick- me- 
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Staff Profile: Ryan

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 Ryan T. Gowling

 My name is Ryan. I was born right outside of Washington in Potomac, MD. I began working for DC Workspaces in April 2014 while we began our expansion plan into the NoMa market.

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Georgetown's New Look!

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 The renovations are complete at our Georgetown Center! Stop by and see our brand new look at 1101 30th Street NW Fifth Floor!  We even added a new lounge area where you can make private calls and check your mail. 


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Run the Semper Fi 5k with DC Workspaces!

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Run or Walk the Semper Fi 5k with DC Workspaces! We are proud to sponsor the Semper Fi 5k  to help raise money for wounded warriors. 

Join us!

Date: May 21st

Start Time: 8:30 am sharp

Starting Location: Lincoln Memorial



$25 registration fee + $25 donation to the Semper Fi Fund  until race day


For more information on how to register and donate go to



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Staff Profile: Meet Sharlyn!

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The 5 Minute Office Workout!

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Staff Profile: Meet Britany!

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Meet Britany!


About Britany: My name is Britany and I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I graduated from Potomac High School where I also became a licensed Cosmetologist. I am currently enrolled in getting my Bachelors of Science in Human Resource Management and a minor is psychology.


My role at DC Workspaces: I am currently an Executive Associate at the Georgetown location. I handle all of the dedicated and virtual client’s mail, answering their phone calls, and other administrative duties on a daily basis.


Best part about working at DC Workspaces: Definitely the clients. I love building relationships with our clients and getting to meet new people. Our clients are loyal and dedicated. I have worked in Customer Service a little over 8 years and I absolutely love getting to know people and making sure their needs are fulfilled.


Favorite workspace/location: Hands down, Georgetown! There are many food places and shops within walking distance. The view of the Potomac Waterfront is amazing, everyone is very friendly, it is a very peaceful location, and to top it off, the new renovated office is absolutely beautiful!


Interests outside of work: I love singing, dancing, writing, doing charity work, print modeling, and spending quality time with my husband.

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Celebrate Spring in D.C.!

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March Newsletter: Company Spotlight/ Host A Brown Bag at NOMA

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Six Topics to Consider When Searching for Office Space

[fa icon="calendar'] March 16, 2016 / by Colleen Quinn posted in #work, #officespace, #smallbusiness, #coworkingspace, #workspaces, creativeoffice, officespacesearch, #officeoptions

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There are many factors that help you decide what is important when choosing an office space. Today, office spaces are becoming more innovative and less traditional. Open desks plans are cost-effective solutions and are replacing spacious offices. While coworking seems to be the modern day option, what matters most to you when searching for an office?
Here are a few topics to consider when searching for an office:
Location, Location, Location- Location is one of the most important factors when choosing your workspace. Convenience of your office location is key!

* Is the location of the office convenient and near public transportation? Is parking available?  Are there restaurants nearby?
* Will my clients be able to find it easily? 
* Is it close to my client site? 
* What other businesses operate in this area?
Cost-  What can you afford in relation to what the market dictates?  Some other questions to consider are:
*Are there any hidden costs or amenities to help make the best decision?
*Is there any flexibility on the cost of the office if I sign for a longer term?
*Is there a deposit?
Size and How You Work Best-  While the size of the office often drives the cost, you want to consider how you and your team will work best. 
*Am I looking for an impressive executive corner office to  wow my clients or does 
just a desk, chair, and internet cut it?
*Do I want my entire team working together in one open space or do we work best in separate spaces? 
*Is there flexibility to grow or downsize?
Style-First impressions are vital. The style of the office is the first impression your guests will receive when visiting your office. You may want to ask yourself:
*Does the style of the office fit with my brand? 
*Do I want an office that is modern or more traditional? 
Connecting with a Community- Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to grow their business. Shared office spaces usually have a diverse group of clientele; from startups to fortune 500 companies. Your neighbor down in the hall might just be in need of your accounting expertise for his/her new business. Consider asking:
*What other companies work within my space or building?
*Do I have the opportunity to connect with other businesses that can benefit from my services?
*Are there opportunities to network with my neighbors?
Access to different workspaces- Maybe the square footage of your office space isn't what is important to you, but having access to a common area, coworking space, or meeting rooms is. You may be fine with sharing an office to cut costs, but you would like the ability to make a phone call in a private space. 
*Is there a place I can meet privately to conduct meetings/interviews?
*Is there a community space where I can collaborate with my colleagues on a project and/or conduct trainings?
What is most important to you when looking for an office? 
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Workspace Wednesday: Coworking at Union Station!

[fa icon="calendar'] March 9, 2016 / by Colleen Quinn posted in #collaborate, #freewifi, #coworking, #workspaces

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Ditch the coffee shops!


Come experience coworking and see why it has become the most popular way for entrepreneurs and independent professionals to work.

  • 24/7 Access
  • Plenty of comfortable workspaces
  • Free wifi and coffee!


 Call for a Free Trial with a Scheduled Tour! 



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How to Network Effectively

[fa icon="calendar'] February 3, 2016 / by Britany Smith posted in #event, #network, #businesstips

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Many people dread the idea of meeting complete strangers at events and pitching their business.  However, networking can be a beneficial way of creating new leads and new business opportunities to help your business grow.  

How to Network More Effectively:

  • Know that networking is a two-way street: When meeting people that you may want to work with, it is very important to get as much information and knowledge as possible. It is also important to ask questions regarding their business such as:
  • What products or services does your company offer?
  • Who are your clients?
  • Who is in charge of the buying decisions?
  • How are you different from your competitors?

  • Evaluate your contacts: Filter through your contacts to see who is worth establishing a working relationship with. It is also good to take a look back at people from your past that may also benefit you and your business.
  • Spend time social networking: You should use social networking to your advantage. The benefit of social networking is to share or create relevant articles that your audience would find informative. Start a conversation on twitter or message a contact through LinkedIn.
  • Stick to your lane-Attend the events and conferences that relate to your business. Networking can be exhausting, so don’t your waste time attending an event where you will not be of service. Join Meetup groups in your field, get involved with your local business improvement district (BID), check out events on Eventbrite, etc.
  • Set Goals- Aim to meet at least three people at networking events who could possibly turn into customers and follow up with after. The quality of your conversations is most important- not gaining 50+ business cards from people you will never speak to again.
  • 70- 30 Split- Let your potential contact speak 70 percent of the time and listen to see if there is a potential business opportunity.
  • Network the networkers- Scout the people you know who are committed to networking. If you keep seeing the same people at events introduce yourself and get to know them. They may have a multitude of leads for you.
  • Post Network Follow-Up- This is probably the most important part of networking effectively. If you suggest meeting for lunch or coffee to discuss a potential business relationship, make sure you follow your word. Connect with your contacts on LinkedIn and set up a day and time to discuss how you could build a business relationship.


Although networking can be intimidating as first, it can be a very rewarding experience for you and your business.

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Four Simple Ways to Build Positive Relationships with Co-workers

[fa icon="calendar'] January 28, 2016 / by Britany Smith posted in #work, #sucessfulbusiness, #teamwork, #coworkers

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In order to have a successful business, you should maintain a friendly working environment. When you have good relationships with your peers at work, it makes others enthusiastic to be in the presence of you and your co-workers.

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Benefits of Video Conferencing/ Video Tele Conferencing

[fa icon="calendar'] January 26, 2016 / by Carolina L posted in #work, #vtc, #productivity, #videoconference, #vc

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  • In today’s global marketplace, Video Conferencing/Video Teleconferencing (VC/VTC) offers numerous benefits:

  •  Cost-efficient– No need to pay for hotels, flights, taxis and miscellaneous travel expenses for staff, executives, and potential hires.

  • Day-to-Day business carries on - No jet-lag and disruption to business activities and productivity.
  • Face-to-Face Viewing – Meetings are more beneficial when participants can see each other’s facial expressions and nonverbal cues. Face-to-Face viewing allows for effective collaboration.

  • VC’s can be used for a variety of meetings across time zones – Job interviews, trainings, presentations, depositions, lectures, conferences, as well as for communicating with clients and colleagues domestically and internationally.
  • Environmental – By reducing travel businesses can reduce their carbon footprint

    Video Conferencing is available on multiple platforms such as Skype and GotoMeeting via desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. For a more professional presence with enhanced picture quality, some businesses (such as Fortune 500 companies and international organizations) opt to buy their own video conferencing equipment, but if that is not an option they can contact a video conference facility for room and equipment rental.

To learn more about videoconferencing at DC Workspaces call 202-223-5200.

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[fa icon="calendar'] January 21, 2016 / by Britany Smith posted in #clients, #work, #sucessfulbusiness, #customerservice

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The first rule of a successful business is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! When you are working with business clients, it is very important to know how to provide excellent client experience that will give a great impression and result in your business BOOMING!

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